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Men's Five Ten Cycling Shoes

Your next adventure is just a ride away. Lace up in men’s Five Ten cycling shoes and rediscover the excitement of exploring the outdoors in gear built for comfort, support and performance.

adidas Men’s Five Ten Cycling Shoes 

You’re ready to get rugged and dirty, so lace up and head to the mountain in adidas men’s Five Ten cycling shoes. No trail is too tough for you, so get ready to kick up some dirt. Sturdy uppers are made with abrasion-resistant materials to shrug off twigs, rocks and any other debris that tries to get in your way. Soft midsoles are cushioned for impact absorption every time you land after catching some air. Feel confident your feet will stay connected to the pedals thanks to grippy rubber outsoles. Get an extra secure fit in cleat-compatible shoes can lock into your pedals. For extra coverage and support on the trail, high-top Five Ten cycling sneakers wrap around your ankles. Fly through tight turns and zip through the trees in reliable comfort. Browse men’s Five Ten cycling shoes at adidas and make your next ride the toughest one yet. You’re up for it.