Men's Ankle Socks

You've got the kicks. Now all that's missing is a pair of men's ankle socks. They're cushioned at the right spots to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

adidas Men's Ankle Socks

Every athlete has their favorite set of socks. Your favorite pair probably offers that perfect blend of comfort and style. If that's what you're looking for, look no further than our men's ankle socks selection at adidas. Whether it's a low-cut option or a high ankle crew sock you need, we carry a variety of styles that are sure to be a reliable part of your daily routine. Each of our ankle socks is made from high-quality fabrics. They're designed to last, so you can rest assured knowing that when you open that pack, you're getting a trusted pair of socks for your drawer. And our socks come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect set to match your style.

Cushioned at just the right spots, our men's ankle socks are an easy way to stay comfortable throughout the day. With the iconic Trefoil branding, you'll get a sleek fit and a sporty style to match. They have seams at the heel and toe for a streamlined fit and a stylish 3-Stripes cuff — they're made with your comfort in mind. With a cotton blend that's designed to keep you dry, the durable construction is a reliable option for the everyday runner or the workout machine. Our Trefoil crew socks are also a great option when you want special cushioning, ribbed cuffs and moisture-wicking comfort. They'll see you through the week in comfort and iconic style.

If you need some versatility for that hard workout and more casual daily use, check out our cushioned low socks that are built to last. These men's socks feature full-length cushioning, arch compression and moisture-wicking Climalite, so you stay dry from the warmup to the cool-down. These men's low-cut socks are a must-have for any athlete's drawer. With their exceptionally soft feel, moisture-wicking yarns and cushioned footbed, getting up and going has never felt better. And with six pairs to each pack, you're set for whatever the week will bring. Our cushioned low-cut socks are also a great choice when you want to feel foot-hugging arch support. They're made from a stretchy blend that will keep you dry, no matter how hard you want to work. If you need a low-cut option that will pair with your athletic trainer shorts, try our Trefoil no-show socks. Crowned with the Trefoil logo, these socks are built for your daily comfort. They feature the same moisture-wicking technology as our other low cuts, as well as arch compression. With their ribbed cuff, they sit low and inconspicuous, making them a sleek yet versatile option to have around when you want to slip into a pair of comfort slides, clogs or weightlifting shoes when it's time to hit the gym.

Some of the most reliable pairs of socks you can choose to go with your outfit are waiting in our collection of men's crew socks. These are cushioned at the heel and supportive during whatever you decide to do, from a casual walk in the park to a more intense cardio workout. Imagine slipping on a pair of crew socks on a chilly morning before heading our for a hike. You'll enjoy added support that makes your trek more comfortable, without any abrasive wear and tear. Plus our crew socks are a great way to show off and show out with some style, thanks to our signature 3-Stripes on the ankles. If you're staying home, the warmth and comfort can't be matched. Crew socks are a perfect pair when it's time to cool off. Don't wait. Shop our selection of men's ankle socks today, and find your next favorite pair.