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Girls' Slides

Gearing her up for fun outdoors isn't complete until you've got a pair of girls' slides. adidas slides and sandals for girls, boys, women and men are built for both comfort and style and come in a range of looks and colors. Classic adilette slides sized for girls and boys look just like the ones worn by their moms and dads with signature 3-Stripes and Trefoil logos. Or opt for a more rugged option with adilette sandals that feature hook-and-loop ankle straps that are great for running on the beach.

adidas Girls' Slides

Girls' slides by adidas are a smart and expressive footwear choice for gals who are on the go and looking for nonstop fun in the summer sun. The slides are crafted with a quick-drying synthetic upper, which is perfect for an aquatic adventure, and they're designed from the full spectrum of upbeat colors, like vibrant pink, tropical orange, and clear-sky blue. When summer comes to its end and she starts spending more and more time inside, she can wear the slides with a pair of socks for an easy alternative to house slippers. Whether she's headed to swim practice, off to a beach day with friends or spending quality time with her family at home, she'll love the way she looks and feels in a pair of our slides for girls.

Slides are a very practical, safe and comfortable choice for girls of any age. The slip-on design makes them easy to put on and take off, so they're a good fit for young girls whose fine motor skills are still in development and who might struggle with lace-up shoes. Our girls' athletic slides are made with a lightweight material, so they're well suited for traveling to camp in a backpack or suitcase. They feature a molded, soft Cloudfoam footbed that she can walk and run on all day without blistering her feet, but which is also durable enough to withstand her most energetic endeavors. The slip-resistant outsole provides traction on both dry and wet surfaces, making them ideal for poolside play. Practical concerns aside, adidas girls' slides are joyful and stylish. The wide-strap design is both trendy and functional, and the bold adidas logo stands out against the solid color of the slides, showing off her sporty style. Whether she's a girly-girl, a tomboy, or somewhere in between, there's definitely a pair of slides in our collection to match her unique personality.

Girls' athletic slides are among our most popular choices for kids' summer footwear. But while they're certainly durable and offer good traction, they're not the only summer footwear option available. Some girls might be safer in alternative summer shoes depending on the time of play they're most likely to engage in. For instance, adidas also offers stylish, closed-toe water sandals, which provide more protection for the top of the feet and toes than open-toed girls' slides. These closed-toed water sandals might make more sense for girls who will be traversing rocky surfaces, like riverbeds or rocky beaches, where they're more likely to stub their toes or rip off a toenail. They're also a good multi-purpose option for aquanaut kids who might go on family hikes through wet terrain. And while slides do have a large strap over the top of the foot, they don't cover the heel, which can make it relatively easy for the footwear to slip off a young child's foot. Alternatively, our Adilette and Altaswim sandals are a good middle-ground option, as they have two straps over the top of the foot and one behind the heel, minimizing the chances that they'll fall off (though they don't have a toe closure).

Whether she prefers classic open-toed slip-ons, closed-toed swim sandals or something in between, our selection of athletic slides for girls are terrific for outdoor romps during summer months and indoor wear when weather cools down. They're constructed to provide comfort and support for your girl's active and energetic days, and are designed to reflect her infectious summer joie de vivre. With a variety of sizes and widths available, we're sure to have the right fit, no matter her age. Shop girls' slides by adidas today for the finishing touch to her summer wardrobe.