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Supernova 2: Designed For Comfort

Lean into your comfort zone with the new Supernova 2 – a perfect shoe for starting your journey.

"Go big or go home" and "no pain, no gain" are phrases used a lot in the fitness world, but what if we told you that comfort may be the key to training success? Starting a new exercise regime can be daunting, but the world’s greatest runners all began somewhere. Every new runner needs to rely on their equipment to help them work out their rhythm – and the Supernova 2 can act as a reliable training partner.

THE 80/20 RULE

Dr. Stephen Seiler, a sport scientist, has studied the training methods of top athletes and has formulated his 80/20 rule. He’s found that endurance athletes should spend 80% of their training at a very easy intensity, ramping up the effort for the other 20% of the time.

A man and women run through the park whilst laughing together.

"The word 'comfort' is from Latin and it actually means 'strengthening'. I think that’s great because when you’re in that comfort zone, you are strengthening your body,’ says Dr. Seiler. "It allows us to be consistent and sustainable in our exercise."

With running, it’s important to go at a pace that you find manageable, particularly when you’re still finding your feet. Pushing yourself too much too soon could put you off wanting to persevere.

"When runners learn to be more disciplined, to keep the easy days easy and let themselves be in that comfort zone, they can have some days that are harder. That balance gives improvement," says Dr. Seiler. "In a simple way, that’s the 80/20 rule – a sustainable model for performance development."

So once you find it, it’s okay to lean into your comfort zone – and the right footwear can make this easier. Since the new Supernova 2 is designed with comfort at its core, the shoe will give you the confidence to push yourself harder when the time comes.


Sustainability is important to adidas. We have reduced the carbon footprint of this pair of shoes by a minimum of 10% when compared to a previous version.

"We are stepping into new territory with this model," says Charlotte Heidman, adidas product manager. "It’s the first inline shoe that focuses on lowering carbon emissions, and we’ve taken the whole lifecycle into account."

Footprints in grass to represent the carbon footprint of the running shoe


More experienced runners may be familiar with the Supernova+ running shoe, which has a whole host of technical innovations, such as extra BOOST in the front and more flexibility. But the comfort benefits of the Supernova 2 cannot be underestimated, especially at the beginning of your journey.

The hybrid midsole uses both our BOOST and BOUNCE technology, which delivers a return on energy as well cushioning and added comfort – ideal for when you’re finding your groove in running and starting to push yourself.

Supernova 2 mens and Supernova 2 womens side by side.

"As a runner, you want your equipment to be robust. If I was starting in running, I’d want equipment that can handle running on asphalt, mud, on the grass and in a park," says Dr. Seiler. "When you’re comfortable with the equipment you’re using, it’s an extension of you, a part of you as an athlete. Good equipment allows your brain to go where it needs to during exercise."


As your running training progresses, there are more shoes in the Supernova line that can help you achieve your goals at every stage of your running journey. From Ultraboost to Supernova Cushion 7 and beyond, choosing the new Supernova 2 is just the beginning of an exciting partnership for you and your training shoes.


So if you’re ready to embrace your comfort zone, embrace the new Supernova 2.

General disclaimer – IMPORTANT NOTE: ALWAYS consult your doctor before undertaking any new activity. Do not complete any activity which is outside of your ability or which is against your doctor’s advice. Use common sense and make sure you are in a safe location and on a safe surface for any activity.