adidas Back to School 2021


adidas 2021 Back to School Collection

Get your favorite student ready to dive into learning again with adidas’ exciting Back to School Sale. You’ll be able to give them the gift of showing off their personal style in a new way that makes them feel empowered and ready to face a fun semester. Find all the latest adidas clothing, shoes and accessories they’ll need to feel confident in the classroom and beyond. With everything from hats and sneakers to backpacks and phone cases, back to school shopping has never been easier. They’ll be covered at every turn in tops and pants with fun graphics, bold designs and classic colorways to help them develop their own signature athletic look. Shop adidas for the best back to school deals to make this year better than the last.

How To Wash a Backpack

Wondering if it is safe to throw a backpack in the washing machine? Looking to add a few extra miles to your current backpack? Use this quick and easy guide to learn how to wash a backpack.


Kids Ages 8-14 Back to School Shoes

Little Kids Ages 4-8 Back to School Shoes

Kids Ages 8-14 Back to School Clothes

Little Kids Ages 4-8 Back to School Clothes