Back to School · Slides

Slip on comfort for every class with back-to-school slides. Durable construction means they'll last, and versatile style lets you pair them with anything.

adidas Back To School Slides

When it comes to comfort for the year, there's nothing better than back-to-school slides. They're the perfect combination of durability, style and convenience. They're easy to take on and off, and they don't have laces, so you can just slip them on in a second whenever you're ready to go. They're also easy to clean, saving you precious time. Additionally, sandals can be worn with socks in cooler months, making them a versatile choice throughout the year. They can also be paired with everything from denim to dresses, allowing you to style a more formal look or keep it casual, relaxed and laid-back. To make sure you get the right fit whether or not you're wearing socks, look for adjustable slides that feel personalized to you.

Of course, finding the right back-to-school footwear has a lot to do with style. You want shoes that show off your personality and individual self-expression. At adidas, you've got so many options to choose from. Whether you want a pop of color, a fun pattern or something more subtle and understated, footwear is one of the things we do best. Look around at our back-to-school slides to find the pair that's perfect for you.