Stella McCartney Backpacks


Set off on the trail with adidas Stella McCartney backpacks

The adidas range of Stella McCartney backpacks have been purpose-designed to go with you wherever you go, whether that's running on the road or trail, taking a leisurely ramble through the countryside, or indulging in some strenuous cross-country hiking over a few days and nights. These backpacks come in a choice of designs and styles, so that you can choose the perfect one for your purposes. Some of them are specifically designed to accompany you on your runs too, so no matter how active you're intending to be, these rugged modern backpacks by Stella McCartney are your perfect companion.

The perfect all-purpose hiking backpack

Our flagship Stella McCartney backpacks are perfect for the weekend hiking getaway, or simply for packing everything you need for a day outing. They have multiple pocket combinations for clever storage of a wide range of clothing and accessories. The padded shoulder straps and adjustable belts and buckles allow you to find the most comfortable position for your particular shape too. And once on your back, you'll be able to reach easily into the convenient side compartments when you're on the move. Inner media zip sleeve pockets also allow you to keep connected, providing your electronic devices with padded protection.

Stella McCartney backpacks for the hard training woman

If you like to move a bit faster, then we have Stella McCartney backpacks designed specifically for runners. They're made from 100% recycled polyester, and are scientifically designed and moulded to fit the female form. These backpacks are designed to provide all the support you need when you're concentrating on your run, with an inner water bladder and easily reachable compartments so that you can keep hydrated and refreshed when you're clocking up the miles. They have laser cut details to allow air to flow freely around the back area too, so that you won't overheat with one on. And when you need to adjust the straps for comfort, you can do so quickly and easily.