Cycling Jackets


Performance ready adidas biking jackets for cycling

Strap on your helmet, wrap on your adidas biking jacket and get ready to cycle your way through life. For passionate cyclists and sports enthusiasts alike, adidas offers a full range of biking jackets for cycling. Available in men’s and women’s sizes, different colors and fits, our biking jackets for cycling are your second-best bike partner, to your helmet of course. Made with stretchy, breathable fabrics, our biking jackets help you stay warm through cold weather rides, simultaneously reducing sweat while your body heats up. Filled with sportswear technologies, our cycling jackets are created for performance and goal-driven riders to help you beat personal bests.

Essential cycling jackets for rough weather

Our biking jackets for cycling are ideal for all weather conditions. With features like stretchy mesh inserts, these jackets provide an active fit. Made with soft-shell fabric they also block out the wind, meaning you’ll remain comfortable, always. The bike jackets have an easy-access zip pocket on the back for storing smaller items like sweat bands or your valuables. For colder conditions, our winter jackets have taller collars to keep your neck warm. Gripper elastic helps prevent the waist hem from sliding up and down while reflective details keep you in sight and protected while on the road. Focus on your ride with distraction-free jackets.

Train like a pro, dress like a pro

With one of our adidas biking jackets, our Trefoil logo is a sure thing to inspire you towards greatness. But don’t just stop there. Complete your cycling outfit with our full range of adidas cycling gear, like our cycling tops and shirts, bib shorts, shorts, shoes, accessories, and more. You can count on us for reliable and durable clothing and equipment that will help you through your next race, mountain bike ride, or weekend trip.