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Slower traffic keep right. You might associate yellow with slowing down, but on our bright yellow running shoes, they say speed. With design elements like flexible, yet strong mesh uppers, energy-returning Boost midsoles and grippy outsoles they come ready to set the pace. Come race day, your yellow running shoes will signal lightning.


Yellow might be an underrated color, but it is never understated. This is especially true with bright yellow running shoes. Balance a pair against a neutral color like white, black and brown for contrast. Blue and green is also a route you could go, which will result in fantastically vibrant tones.


In the beginning, there was running. Though soccer was Adi Dassler’s first love, his first patent was for a track shoe. Made out of goatskin and leather, it featured hand-forged spikes that gripped the ground, but tore up race records.

Your yellow running shoes of today are direct descendants of that original model. A lot has changed since 1925, but what hasn’t is the pursuit for a better running shoe. With every pair we set out for perfection and with every decade we apply the latest technology and materials to achieve it. Adi had leather. Today, we have energy-returning foams and lightweight fabrics. All to give you the improved shock absorption, feel and traction you need to not only push, but win.