Make speed your goal.


X Cleats, Gloves & Shin Guards


Elevate your game with a pair of adidas X soccer cleats or shin guards. Built to harness your energy and turn it into the speed that you need to excel on the field, adidas X is a revelation in soccer technology. Keep your soccer cleats looking clean, game after game, with these tips.

Soccer Blue X Speedflow.1 Messi Firm Ground CleatsSoccer Blue X Speedflow.1 Messi Firm Ground Cleats

X Speedflow.1 Messi Firm Ground Cleats


Soccer Blue X Speedflow Messi.3 Turf ShoesSoccer Blue X Speedflow Messi.3 Turf Shoes

X Speedflow Messi.3 Turf Shoes


Soccer Blue X Speedflow Messi.3 Firm Ground CleatsSoccer Blue X Speedflow Messi.3 Firm Ground Cleats

X Speedflow Messi.3 Firm Ground Cleats


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Daringly fast and ultra-lightweight, be fast like a cheetah on the field. adidas X soccer cleats offer you explosive speed as you make opponents eat your dust. The iconic clawcollar design is paired with premier soccer technology to bring you our fastest soccer shoes ever.

Finding Your X Factor

Take your soccer further with unrivaled speed and precision from your adidas X cleats. Available in men’s, women’s and children’s full and half sizes, and with graphic color combinations — the X range brings you unbeatable soccer style and unrivaled comfort.

Speed on any surface

Wherever you want to unleash your speed, there’s a pair of X socer shoes for your game. We’ve carefully crafted lightweight, acceleration-fueled shoes for every surface including firm ground, turf, artificial grass, indoor, and soft ground. Rain or shine, X lets you go faster.

Unleashing Your X Factor

Light up the field and take advantage of every space, every gap and every edge with adidas X soccer shoes helping you strike like lightning.

- Move explosively with laceless lockdown designs providing streamlined speed.

- Discover game-changing stability with low-cut Clawcollar structures creating unrivaled strength in your feet.

- Unlock pure acceleration with ultralight speed frame technology keeping you lightning fast.

- Enjoy explosive energy returns with boost midsole cushioning providing raw power.

- Feel the ball with direct-touch, lightweight mesh uppers for high-acceleration ball control.

Master aerodynamics in the fastest soccer shoes on the planet with adidas X soccer cleats. Blur past the defense and make waves on the field as you kick it into overdrive.