Women’s Volleyball Compression Shorts



Freedom of movement to fly across the court is an absolute necessity. Our women's volleyball shorts support your speed and flexibility in training and on the court in a variety of colors like grey, blue, red, green and white. Acrobatic players, take note. The compression fit not only keeps it close to your skin, but also delivers maximum muscle support. All without ever becoming uncomfortable, thanks to its breathable mesh power band. Match these women's volleyball shorts with our grippy volleyball shoes and quick-drying volleyball shirts. With distractions eliminated you'll be a force to be reckoned with set after set.


For years, adidas has been involved in volleyball at the highest levels. In 2000, the Cuban women's team won gold at Sydney in adidas volleyball gear. In 2008, we sponsored the Chinese women's team at the Beijing Games. And, most recently, adidas became the official athletic brand of USA Volleyball. It's the culmination of countless hours of work and dedication. But it won't stop there. Today, adidas is focusing efforts starting at the grassroots level We offer Creator events and athletic scholarships to continue the rising momentum of the sport. It all leads to a greater synergy between sport and product. Our volleyball shorts are the result of this. They’re beautifully designed to activate agility on the court.