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Women's Training Headbands

Keep your eyes clear when you wear women's training headbands from adidas. Go for soft knit and warm fleece, or pick breathable bands that help you stay dry.

adidas Women's Training Headbands

Women's training headbands have come a long way. In fact, miles from the models that graced the brows of trendsetting women's tennis stars in the '20s. The twin goals of any headband are to stop sweat from spoiling your perfect swing, sprint, lift or lunge and also to keep long hair corralled and out of your eyes. Women's training headbands from adidas take on the extra challenge of keeping your ears warm during cool-weather workouts, and your head cool when the heat amps up.

Women's workout headbands with a fleece lining will keep you feeling toasty on chilly morning runs that find you waving to streetcar drivers you've come to recognize or hoofing it up the highest hill so you can watch the sun come up. Their broad, stretchy knit band also holds your earbuds in place, so you can run or train to your favorite soundtrack. Our women's athletic headbands are meant to keep your hair in place while you jump rope or do half-jacks indoors and have a stretchy build that stays put no matter how much you move. Their breathable, double-layer mesh fabric keeps sweat at bay by letting cooling air flow over your forehead for a fresh feel. Wear women's training headbands from adidas, and take your workout up a notch without even trying.