Women’s Workout Hats



It’s go time. Get in the zone and tune out the world. adidas women’s gym hats give effortless style and comfort for any time. During a sweaty workout in the sun, our hats made with moisture wicking fabric keep you cool, while UPF protection and glare-preventing visors keep the sun off your face. Adjustable backs let you customize the fit for your comfort level. For casual weekends in the sun, protecting your face is essential. Our women’s workout hats offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for any outing, keeping you cool, dry and safe from the sun even in the hottest weather. With many different shades like neutrals and pops of color, there’s a hat for every vibe. Pick a style like five-panel hats or visors to mix up your looks—you’ll find they make the perfect addition to any day in the outdoors.