Women's Track Shoes & Track Spikes

When race day calls for laser focus and maximum velocity, women's track and field shoes from adidas take you there. Ultra-lightweight and finely tuned for speed, these spikes keep you confident at the starting blocks and agile on the track. Ventilated mesh uppers provide dynamic support, while lightweight Lightstrike Pro cushioning delivers a responsive ride. Spike plates are engineered for smooth transitions as you drive the curve. Whether you prefer sprints, middle distance or steeplechase, you'll find the track and field spikes and shoes that support your every stride.

adidas Women’s Track Shoes

Sprint, throw and fly with confidence in adidas women’s track and field shoes. With footwear specifically designed for short or long-distance running and field events, find the pair that best suits your needs. Get the grip you need on the track and off it. Metal or molded spikes provide secure footing and traction for your event. Some high-jump and throwing spikes feature a midfoot strap to lock your foot in. Plant your feet confidently for power and take-off. From high jump to long jump, shot put and pole vault, adidas track shoes support your goals. Whether you’re sprinting around the track, throwing javelins or flying through the air, lace up to perform your best. Ultra-lightweight women’s track spikes make sure nothing weighs you down from start to finish. Streamlined uppers feel snug and supportive. Take off fast and finish strong down the home stretch. Shop women’s track and field shoes at adidas and show everyone how fast and strong you are.