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Women's Tall Tights & Leggings


Women’s tall leggings are built to match your energy whether it’s leg day or chore day. Whatever your style — from shorts to full-length — tights are essential for any training session.

Make those target gains with sports tights for tall women

Whatever your discipline, be it lifting weights, running around the park or holding the lotus position in your yoga class, sports tights for tall women are designed to help you achieve your goals. Crafted explicitly for women 5' 9" and above, adidas sports tights for tall women give comfort and support when you most need it. Using the latest sportswear technologies in fabrics, adidas sports tights help moisture management by wicking your perspiration away from your skin. This reduces irritation and helps to keep your legs cool.

Have the confidence to push yourself further 

Finding durable, comfortable and flexible sportswear when you are above average height can be tricky. For this reason, adidas developed sports tights for tall women from the ground up. Taking into consideration the unique requirements of tall women, the lines for maximum support of your muscles and the position of the stitching for greater comfort have been adapted and optimized. Sports tights for tall women from adidas are not just an extended version of another range; they are fashioned to meet your individual needs. Everything, from the materials to the classic use of the iconic 3-Stripes has been considered to create sports tights for tall women that will work as hard in a spin class as they do in a 10k race.

Personal bests are there for the taking

Sports tights for tall women are more than just a leg covering; they are a vital part of your equipment. The support of the muscles and the way they manage your moisture gives you an edge in the game. They give you the confidence to push harder for the line and feel so assured that you can place all your focus on making those gains. The fit of the adidas sports tights for tall women and their iconic design means you'll feel as comfortable wearing them in a coffee shop with friends as you do in the gym with your goals.