Swim Leggings for Women


Swim leggings for women

What pushes you on? Sporty design, casual retro vibes, and a full range of authentic outfits for women inspire you for a casual, relaxed street style. We all want to do our best, when following our passion of swimming. Whatever your goal is, with our clothing you'll be comfortable so you can focus 100% on performance. adidas swim leggings allow for the full range of motion under water and offer the highest level of comfort. Swim leggings for women from adidas are designed to complement your active lifestyle.

Set your own rules – adidas swim leggings for women

Whether you are training or competing – today, you will go way beyond your limits while swimming with swim leggings from adidas.

Our brands combine street style with the needs of athletes

You will find trends that already have potential legendary status in the swim leggings collections of brands like Performance. Performance is the product line for athletes who expect the highest standards of themselves and make their own rules with regards to fashion. You will find swim leggings in the SH3.RO collection. Our swim leggings are available in red, purple and black.

People who make use of creativity to transform their world – adidas products for women.

Whether it's before, during or after training – as true athletes, we know that details often make the difference. This is precisely why our women's outfits are perfectly tailored to the highest standards for daily life and sport.

Show your individual style that is totally you with swim leggings for women from adidas.