Women's Turf Soccer Cleats


adidas Women's Turf Soccer Cleats

In the wrong pair of soccer cleats, turf is an unforgiving playing surface. Women's turf soccer cleats from adidas give players the traction and control to dominate on turf. Not to be confused with AG surfaces, which mimic longer blades of grass, turf is flat and requires a specific stud pattern to generate grip. adidas women's turf soccer shoes are built with robust outsoles that feature many small rubber studs, so they evenly distribute pressure and absorb impact. That means you get all the traction to weave past opponents while feeling comfortable all game long.

Which turf shoe is right for you? It all depends on your game. adidas has four main franchises geared toward different playing styles. For speed, go with X. This lightweight shoe will keep you fast, and it's also the top pick for narrow feet. For wider feet, check out Predator turf shoes and Gamemode. Predator is all about control, with technologies designed to enhance grip and swerve. Gamemode is designed for self-expression, with a range of colors and styles that ensure you stand out on the pitch. And for a smooth first touch, nothing beats Copa turf shoes. Designed from the inside out, this ultra-comfortable shoe feels as if it was molded to your foot. Browse our women's turf soccer cleats to find a pair that will have you at the top of your game.