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Focus on proper fit, design, and support isn’t just a hot trend in women’s shoes, but essential for inspiring body movement, everyday comfort, and elevating your own unique style. Once you find the right fit for your foot, it’s all about rocking the look and feeling great. Follow adidas’ tips for the latest women’s shoe trends to carry you through any journey. 

How to choose the right women’s shoe for your foot

Athletic shoes for women have advanced leaps and bounds for fit and comfort. Depending on what type of gait and arch you have will determine what kind of shoe support you need to boost your workout. 

You’re a pronator if:

Your shoes tend to wear out on the inner edge more quickly

The inward roll of your foot strikes the ground first

You have low arches also known as “flat feet”

You’ll need:

High stability women’s sneakers for motion control to keep your feet aligned with your legs while distributing impact evenly.

Structured sneakers with firm midsoles for extra arch support.

Look for adidas women’s shoes that provide extra support in the midsole and heel for maximum stability.

You’re a supinator (underpronator) if:

Your shoes tend to wear out on the outer edge more quickly

The outward roll of your foot strikes the ground first

You have medium to high arches

You’ll need:

Enhanced cushioning for shock absorption

Lightweight, soft midsoles for extra flexibility to improve foot motion

Look for super light adidas women’s sneakers that include boost™ technology for the most responsive cushioning to support the quickest step.

You’re neutral if:

Your shoes tend to wear out in an S-shaped pattern from heel to big toe

Your foot doesn’t feel any tilt when stepping on a flat surface

You have an average arch

You’ll need:

Neutral cushioned shoes for natural foot motion

Lightweight cushioning and stability combination that feels good

Look for adidas women’s shoes with the responsive BOUNCE ™ midsole for long-distance support and long-lasting comfort. 

Go from form to function in style

Ladies, wearing your sneakers everyday isn’t just for the guys. Now you can meet and look your personal best all day ‘err day. Try a new workout in breathable and ultra-cushioned adidas kicks with a feminine twist. You’ll be energized from the ground up and can rely on all day support for your urban adventures.

White shoes, black shoes, bold street shoes

The modern variations of the adidas Superstar and classic Stan Smith women’s sneakers offer limitless looks. Wherever the freedom of city walking takes you, there is no sacrifice to style or comfort with your choice of patterns, knits, and street-style metallic. Boost your wardrobe with summer whites and polished bold colors.