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Stepping into that 5K on a scorching hot or humid day only to instantly sweat through your women’s running clothes might be awesome dedication but can lead to exhaustion and slow recovery. But lucky you, we have some weather planning, diet, and women’s running gear tips to help keep you cool so you never miss a step during those dog day summer runs.


Heat and humidity are not only uncomfortable but can be dangerous. Body temperature can spike in minutes, potentially causing dehydration and exhaustion. As core body temperature naturally rises, the ability to remove excess heat through sweat is hindered from humidity. Don’t just look at the temperature when planning the time of your run, watch the humidity level. While it may be cooler in the morning, the humidity level could be much lower than the evening, making it a better option to run, even if the temperature is a couple of degrees higher. Wear women’s running tights and tanks that are well ventilated with climacool® mesh inserts strategically placed where your body sweats the most. They’ll improve airflow for breathability and provide a cooling sensation against your skin.


It is imperative you are hydrated when running in warm weather. Drinking plenty of water before your run is the best way to stay cool, typically one to two extra cups is good practice. Replenishing what you lose through sweating is critical. Unless you know how to calculate how much you sweat, generally, drinking half a cup every 15-20 minutes of activity is a good rule of thumb.


The right nutrition is critical to maintaining your energy and powering through your run. Running in heat at the same pace as cool weather runs burns more carbs. To keep your energy up, eat some granola and fresh fruit along with your water intake to fuel your run.


Once you’re fully hydrated and fueled up, the best way to keep going when the weather warms up is to make running your happy place where you can focus on your mind and body, not the heat. Minimize distractions with comfortable women’s running sneakers and running clothes made of lightweight breathable fabrics and cushioning. adidas women’s running shoes with BOOST™ technology provides an energized ride with the most responsive cushioning. Experience the cooling sensation of climachill™ meshlike fabric that conducts heat away from the body, built in women’s running tanks and shorts. Lastly, make a killer playlist that will enhance your mood and inspire you to push yourself. Be positive, and run happy.

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