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Whether you run on the trail or the track, for fun or for sport, you deserve the same level of support no matter what. Maintaining good running form is crucial for going mile after mile, and this starts with running shoes that adapt to your unique movement. Find running shoes for supination that will provide the best stability for owning your run from start to finish.

Supination, also referred to as underpronation, means that most of your weight moves along the outside of your foot toward the outer toes rather than from the ball of your foot to your big toe, as in a normal stride. If you notice that your shoes break down often toward the outside of the sole, or you suffer from ankle sprains or tight calves and Achilles tendons, you might benefit from women’s supination running shoes.

The breathable, lightweight upper and supportive cushioning of women’s underpronation running shoes guide the foot for more comfortable strides and better alignment, while offering the same benefits and features like responsive midsoles that propel your run. The Response ST features a midsole that harnesses Cloudfoam technology to help support and guide your foot, and the Ultraboost ST returns the energy you put in with a Boost midsole. Whether you call it supination or underpronation, there’s no reason to let it hold you back. Let women’s running shoes for underpronation from adidas help you ace your next journey.