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Running Shoes for Women


Long, slow distance or targeted speed training. However you like to run, find your next pair of women's running shoes here.

Terrex Agravic Ultra Trail Running Shoes
Ultraboost 1.0 DNA Shoes
Puremotion Shoes
Ultraboost 4.0 DNA Shoes
Puremotion SE Shoes
Ultraboost 5.0 DNA Shoes
Adistar Shoes
Ultraboost DNA Shoes
Retrorun Shoes
Tracefinder Trail Running Shoes
Racer TR21 Shoes
Duramo SL 2.0 Shoes
Ultraboost 1.0 DNA Shoes
Terrex Two Flow Trail Running Shoes
Pureboost 21 Shoes
Terrex Agravic Ultra Trail Running Shoes
Adizero Ambition Tokyo Shoes
Terrex Agravic Ultra Trail Running Shoes
Adizero Finesse Shoes
Ultraboost 4 DNA Shoes
QT Racer 2.0 Shoes
Puremotion Shoes
Ultraboost DNA 5 Shoes
QT Racer 2.0 Shoes
Duramo 10 Wide Shoes
Ultraboost 4.0 DNA Shoes
Nario Move Shoes
adidas Racer TR21 x LEGO® Shoes
Speedmotion Shoes
Adizero Boston 10 Shoes
Ultraboost DNA 1.0 Shoes
Adizero XCS Shoes
X9000L4 HEAT.RDY Shoes
Ultraboost 21 x Parley Shoes
Puremotion Super Shoes
Terrex Agravic TR Trail Running Shoes
Climacool Vento Shoes
adidas Ultraboost DNA x LEGO® Colors Shoes
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Whether you're just beginning your running journey or have multiple marathons under your belt, adidas women's running shoes are suited to your training regimen and style. Feel your best on runs of any distance in comfortable and energizing Ultraboost. Build distance and confidence in Supernova. Feel stable and supported in Solar, the workhorse running shoe for daily mileage. Experience the light and fast feeling that adizero brings to both training and racing. adidas running is committed to helping runners perform at their best, and the technology that goes into our shoes sets them apart. Choose between energy-returning Boost, ultra-lightweight Lightstrike, springy Bounce or plush Cloudfoam cushioning. Lace up for cold, wet weather with waterproof GORE-TEX or insulating COLD.RDY. Feel the breeze when the temperature soars in ventilated running shoes with 360-degree cooling. For rest days and downtime, Ultraboost DNA and Stella McCartney models combine running-inspired technologies with fashion-forward looks. If you're headed out for a tempo run, doing speed work at the track, gunning for a PR on race day, need climate control to handle challenging weather conditions or just want running-inspired shoes you can wear anywhere, you can find them here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women's Running Shoes

Can women wear men's running shoes?

Women can wear men's running shoes if they provide a comfortable and supportive fit that doesn't feel wide or loose. Men's running shoes are considerably wider in the heel and toe box, which might cause discomfort and blistering for a woman's foot. The adidas shoe size guide illustrates how men’s sizes compare to women’s sizes.

What are the best women's running shoes for flat feet?

The best running shoes for women with flat feet have additional midfoot stability and cushioning to provide extra shock absorption for the arch of the foot. This will help reduce the risk of injury and undue pain.

What are the best women's running shoes for high arches?

The best running shoes for women with high arches should have extra support and cushioning in the midsole to prevent the arch from flattening out and reduce force to high impact zones. A heel counter and outsoles with good traction also help resist impact and foot motion.


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How To Clean adidas 4dfwd Running Shoes

adidas 4DFWD shoes are built to work as hard as you—and they'll last even longer with care. Here's how to clean 4DFWD shoesin the washer, by hand, and more.