Women's adidas Parley Collection


Good for the planet, great for your workout

When it comes to improving the conditions of our planet, the time for talking is over – it’s time for action. That means being more environmentally conscious with every decision we make, and the clothes and shoes we use to work out in are absolutely no different. Here’s your chance to make a difference with the adidas Parley collection for women. The items included here, from T-Shirts and sports bras to trainers and water bottles, make use of recycled plastic trash collected from a variety of coastal communities, intercepted before they can pollute our oceans. And because it’s adidas, they let you be at your absolute best whether going for a light jog or giving 100% in the gym.

Improving our oceans

The use of Parley Ocean Plastic™ across the adidas Parley collection for women represents a way to decrease the environmental impact of your training wear without compromising on style or performance. Marine plastic waste has been intercepted from coastlines, beaches and remote islands before it enters the ocean. It’s received by Parley’s network of partners who upcycle and rework the trash into a high-performance polyester yarn, ready to be transformed into this selection of superb sportswear. All that’s left is for you to put it to good use, meaning giving your all in your next workout.

For a better world

With the adidas Parley collection for women, it’s pretty simple: these clothes, shoes and accessories let you be at your best while improving the conditions of our oceans. You can expect the same high performance from all these items, whether it’s a backpack or jogging leggings, as well as a sleek, modern design, with some pieces coming from the coveted adidas by Stella McCartney collection. Making the world a better place starts with us – adding some adidas Parley into your workout wardrobe is your way to make a change.