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Women's Overpronation Shoes

Roll a little inward to the left or right? Women's overpronation shoes from adidas provide added support and structured cushioning for maximum stability.

adidas Women's Overpronation Shoes

Runners who overpronate have extra things to correct for when they hit the pavement. Improper movement can cause a whole series of unwanted consequences, including plantar fasciitis, arch collapse, runner's knee and even hip pain. Switch to women's overpronation shoes from adidas, and get help to realign your steps. Because overpronation causes almost all of your foot to hit the ground, one of the first things you need is shoes with soft cushioning that lessens the impact of each footfall. Our SOLARGLIDE and Solarcontrol women's overpronation sneakers have a full adidas Boost midsole made by fusing hundreds of tiny TPU capsules together for a super-springy feel. A dual-density EVA platform on top of the midsole adds extra rigidity, stability and shock absorption. We round out the offering with our Linear Energy Push system (or LEP 2.0 tech) on the outsole to help guide your heel strike and support your foot through transition and onto a propulsive toe-off.

The uppers on our women's stability shoes feature breathable materials with a sock-like fit to help lock you in while leaving room to house those pesky bunions you may have built up in other shoes. And of course you won't just overpronate when you're running. Your feet will also roll inward with each step you take as you train, play golf and trek, so adidas packs extra cushioning and stability in women's overpronation sneakers made for those sports too. Don't let overpronation wreak havoc on your run or your body. Get back on the straight and narrow in women's overpronation shoes from adidas.