Women's Outdoor Parkas

Get out the door ready for the weather. We have women's outdoor parkas to keep you warm, comfortable and on the move in all weather conditions.

Winter just got easier with women’s outdoor coats and parkas

You won’t have to worry about feeling cold this winter thanks to this adidas selection of women’s outdoor coats and parkas, which guarantees to keep you warm and cozy. Available in a variety of colors and styles, you’ll be able to choose a slim fit if you want to feel snug inside your coat or a relaxed cut for additional freedom of movement. Pick a classic color such as black for a more neutral choice that you can match with most outfits or make it the star of your outfit by going for a colorful parka.

Outdoor coats and parkas for women offer superior warmth

Each style in this selection of women’s outdoor coats and parkas has the ability to keep you warm through the use of special technologies and the latest designs. Styles that have been padded with duck down will give you an additional lightweight layer of warmth, while the use of insulating material gives even a thin coat the ability to trap your body heat and keep you cozy. One of the most important features in a parka is its ability to keep you dry, and this is achieved by coating it with water-repellent material.

Keep the cold out and keep your style in

When it comes to outdoor coats and parkas for women, you might like a regular length style for more flexibility of movement or one that provides added warmth through additional length. If you’re looking for something practical, you will love a style which has pockets inside and out, enabling you to store a few essentials, while music lovers will appreciate coats that have a dedicated channel for headphones so you can keep listening to music while you keep the cold away.