Women's Originals Sweatshirts


Chill out like you train in women's Originals sweatshirts

Feeling relaxed is as essential for your fitness as pushing it hard to get over the line. Comfort and performance in your lounge wear are arguably just as vital as in your sports outfit. That is why adidas pours as much time and research into their women's Originals sweatshirts as into all the other clothing, creating high-quality manufacturing techniques that are underpinned with fresh designs that are as iconic as you are. Cleverly incorporating the Trefoil and 3-Stripes symbols with fun and bold design choices make women's Originals sweatshirts from adidas both fashionable and desirable.

A range as awesome as you

Whether you are going to the gym, heading for a juice after a workout or just hanging with friends, adidas Originals sweatshirts for women are the perfect casual clothing. Made from materials that use the latest sportswear technologies that are lightweight, breathable, comfortable and cozy with a range from the classic look to bold colors and fresh designs. Floral patterns and interesting color combinations, cropped for exposed midriff or a hip drop cut for a more comforting feel. Hoodies, zip-ups, pockets or no pockets; be it a quick trip to the shops or settling down for the night in front of the television, women's Originals sweatshirts are versatile. With designs that keep all the integrity associated with such a major sports brand, these Originals sweatshirts project your personality and lifestyle. They tell the world who you are and what you are all about; with adidas, you are a winner, someone who pushes through to the end. Keeping that no-nonsense vibe even when you are on your downtime is something every women's Originals sweatshirt can do.

Accept no compromises 

Every aspect of each Originals sweatshirt for women is carefully considered to deliver precisely what you expect from adidas. The choice of materials, the detail in the stitching, the bold colors and patterns. Each and every decision made in creating these sweatshirts is made to ensure your satisfaction. From fashion culture to some of the most outstanding sporting achievements in history, adidas has been there.