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Women's Originals Clothing

Adicolor Classics Trefoil Tee
Primeblue SST Track Pants (Plus Size)
Adicolor Classics Crop Hoodie
Adicolor Contempo Tailored Tank Top (Gender Neutral)
Long Sleeve Crop Tee
Adicolor Classics Trefoil Tee (Plus Size)
Thebe Magugu Tank Top (Plus Size)
Adicolor Classics Waist Cinch Tee
Hoodie (Plus Size)
Linen Baseball Dress
Adicolor Neuclassics Bike Leggings
3-Stripe Animal Print Crop Hoodie (Plus Size)
adidas Originals Class of 72 Crop top
Thebe Magugu Bodysuit
Adicolor Essentials Crew Sweatshirt (Plus Size)
Linen Shirt
Adicolor Essentials Pants (Plus Size)
Adicolor Classics Hoodie (Plus Size)
Allover Print Corset Top
Disney Cuffed Joggers
Always Original Laced Crew Sweatshirt (Plus Size)
7/8 Leggings (Plus Size)
Allover Print Bra Top
Short Leggings
Always Original Laced Tee
Adicolor Classics Firebird Primeblue Track Pants (Plus Size)
adidas Originals x André Saraiva Shorts
7/8 High Waist Allover Print Leggings
Crew Dress
Adicolor Essentials Hoodie (Plus Size)
Always Original Laced Cuff Pants (Plus Size)
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights
Adicolor Essentials Crew Sweatshirt (Plus Size)
Always Original Laced Cuff Pants
Thebe Magugu Shorts
Adicolor Classics 3-Stripes Tights (Plus Size)
Primeblue SST Track Jacket
adidas Originals Class of 72 Polo Dress (Plus Size)
Thebe Magugu Tank Top
Adicolor Classics Trefoil Tee (Plus Size)
adidas Originals Class of 72 Hoodie (Plus Size)
Adicolor Essentials Fleece Slim Joggers (Plus Size)
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The unofficial uniform of the creator, Originals draws from the storied 3-Stripes archives to shape the looks of today. Keeping it fresh season after season, adidas Originals for women experiments with new fabrics, styles and cultural inspiration, always staying true to the vibe. Made for creators with big imaginations, Originals features women’s clothing like pants, shirts, tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets that are perfect as everyday wear or paired with high-fashion pieces for a statement look. No matter how you wear it, Originals apparel is defined by you.


Born from sport and raised in culture, adidas Originals has been women’s casual uniform for more than 40 years. As athletes’ influence on mainstream culture increased throughout the 20th century, gear originally made for competition began appearing in everyday streetwear. Practical and comfortable, adidas apparel was adopted by artists and musicians, finding a solid home in the hip-hop scene. By the early 2000s, many of the iconic 3-Stripes looks—including track jackets, tees and sweat pants—were an essential part of the culture’s casual-fashion lexicon. Women’s Originals apparel continues to mix modern inspirations with a strong archival influence, drawing on the storied heritage designs of the past.