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A wonderful collection of women’s hiking coats and parkas

For the ultimate protection from the rain and cold when you're out and about in the countryside, choose one of our specially designed ladies’ walking coats. The country ramble is a venerable British tradition, and we certainly don't let a bit of rain or cold keep us from it in winter. With the adidas collection of women’s hiking coats and parkas, there’s absolutely no reason why we shouldn't stay comfortable while we're outdoors in the cold either. Our range contains coats and parkas that will keep you snug in various types of weather, from lightweight rain jackets to heavy-duty down padded parkas with hoods and extra length bodies for additional warmth.

An effective combination of real goose down and recycled polyester

We use only genuine goose down and feathers in all our women’s hiking coats and parkas, and that’s why they’re ideal for staying cozy when the weather is really challenging. These outdoor coats typically have three layers that function together to provide optimal insulation and heat retention. The first layer consists of the down baffle compartments, with a woven middle layer of 100% recycled polyester on top. The final, most protective layer is made from nylon combined with an elastane plain weave. This final material offers a luxuriously snug feeling and you'll immediately feel its warm embrace when you slip on one of our ladies’ walking coats, without any sense of restriction.

Coats you can wear confidently for any outdoor purpose

Other designs in our range of women’s hiking coats and parkas feature overlapping down chambers for high-quality insulation. These coats have excellent water-resistant properties too, and also provide all the protection you'll need when you're out on a walk or hike, or even just going about your daily activities. They make wonderful jackets that you can slip on when you're taking the kids to sports practice, or watching your soccer team from the sidelines. These adidas women’s hiking jackets and parkas are destined to become cherished favorites in any winter wardrobe. Take them anywhere and they'll be sure to reward your trust every time.