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adidas Women's Heat.Rdy Clothes & Shoes

When temperatures rise, you need on-trend apparel and accessories that keep you cool. Women's HEAT.RDY clothes and shoes from adidas ensure you stay comfortable as you play summer sports or when the studio heats up. Our HEAT.RDY collection features lightweight fabrics and designs to keep you dry and comfortable, no matter how hard you push yourself. A variety of women's HEAT.RDY workout apparel including bras, tops, dresses, socks, shorts, leggings – and even women's HEAT.RDY sneakers – provide the perfect combination of performance and fashion-forward looks without sacrificing an iota of comfort. Breathability is crucial to staying cool in warm weather, and our HEAT.RDY clothing delivers with superior ventilation technology. Our adidas technology helps you feel relaxed, dry and confident, so you can get in and stay in the game. HEAT.RDY cools and absorbs moisture, drawing sweat away from your skin and allowing air to flow freely in and around your body's high-sweat zones.

Get ready to get your sweat on in the gym with a selection of women's HEAT.RDY clothes and shoes from adidas. Speed up the belt on the treadmill and feel supported in luxe bras that keep you feeling frosty as you increase your pace until you run full-out. Or do your prep in boxing class and jump rope in two-in-one shorts. Their inner layer fits snugly and lets you move freely, while HEAT.RDY sheds heat and moisture, so your head stays in the game until it's time to move to the speed bag. Fit out in women's HEAT.RDY workout apparel like a bodysuit made for HIIT class, and stay fierce and focused while others around you wilt. HEAT.RDY keeps you going when the going gets hot, while the bonded seams on the hems and sleeves reduce friction so you can say goodbye to chafing. A cutout design on the front, plus allover chic body contouring, create a winning style and a sculpted look. Pull on any of our women's HEAT.RDY tops over the suit for a double dose of cooling tech when you head outside for a brisk walk and a bit of dynamic stretching as part of your cooldown routine. Or do hot yoga in high-waist shorts with a retro whale-tail design or long leggings with stirrups and side perforations. Their bold style and second-skin fit are meant to help you flow from pose to pose, supported by cool-to-the-touch fabric and added HEAT.RDY tech.

Get outside and give your all in women's HEAT.RDY workout apparel made for all your on-court adventures. Take the game to your opponent in a slim-fitting adidas tennis dress with an integrated bra, short tights and an ultra-soft and ergonomically-placed Y-elastic strap on the back that gives your shoulders room to swing. Stay fresh on even the hottest days with HEAT.RDY on your team, and stay cool from your first volley until your last overhead smash. Go from blazing backhands to letting long-distance drives fly in women's HEAT.RDY clothes and shoes made for golfing. Wear a polo shirt with a V-neck and breathable build on top of a skort, or step into a dress with a stretchy build that allows you to move without restriction. And when you do, you'll feel the subtle power of HEAT.RDY tech cheering you on. Top off your look in a lightweight, packable cap with a visor that can be flipped up when you need an unobstructed view of the pin. Warm temperatures come on fast and leave just as quickly. Before you know it, they'll be gone. Don't let the summer heat keep you from performing at your peak. Shop, now, for the latest women's HEAT.RDY clothes and shoes from adidas, and stay cool in the gym and studio, and on the court and course.