Women's Headphones

Every workout is better with music. Whether you prefer earbuds or headphones, use our women's headphones to tune in and focus on your fitness goals.

adidas Women's Headphones

Crank the volume on your favorite workout playlist with ergonomic women's headphones designed for athletic audiophiles. Explore wireless options that aren't in the way when the intensity amps up. The slim, ergonomic earbuds for women remain secure during warm-ups and hill sprints. Women's earbuds feature intuitive controls that are simple to use and respond well to both sweaty fingers and gloved hands. Developed with feedback from professional athletes, these headphones for women are ready to score your next workout, run, or stroll around the neighborhood. Elevate the soundtrack of your athletic lifestyle with women's headphones built to bring more music into your life.

When you want to lock in and block out distractions, choose earbuds for women that feature noise-canceling technology. Limit distractions with active noise canceling that negates outside sound and keeps you focused on the road ahead. Pick up the tempo with music that amps you up and puts you in the zone. Find the balance between audio quality and athletic performance with styles that offer smooth bass, clear highs and secure fits. No matter the activity, these headphones for women are built to stay in place. Each pair comes with different size earbud shapes so you can run, jump and dance without a worry. Explore a world of high-performance sound with the latest women's headphones from adidas.