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<div><div><h4>WOMEN'S GREEN SHOES</h4><p>The color green symbolizes life, growth and balance. It represents everything from renewed health to clean energy. Whether it’s the electric quickness of neon green shoes or the casual movement of vintage-inspired dark green sneakers, capture the vibe that fits your style with a pair of adidas green shoes.</p><p><strong>WOMEN’S ACCELERATED GREEN SHOES</strong></p><p>Women’s green shoes were designed with you in mind, to get the look you want while setting the standard of performance you need. The green Swift Run Shoes with its adaptive knit and premium natural fit will help you set the pace in comfort, on and off the track. Wear your green golf shoes on the green, while mastering your swing in style. Or slip into something comfortable with your green slides.</p><p><strong>WOMEN’S GREEN SHOE STREET STYLE</strong></p><p>Accentuate your everyday look with adidas Superstar or Deerupt green shoes to compliment your lifestyle look. In a variety of shades and textures, our suede or leather shoes will give your outfit the touch it needs to make you stand out anywhere.</p><p><strong>WHAT TO WEAR WITH WOMEN’S ADIDAS GREEN SHOES?</strong></p><p>Strike a balance by matching the richness of dark green shoes with lighter, neutral colors. Try grey track pants or faded denim. Pair light green or bright green shoes with darker colors like black or navy jogging pants. From there you can experiment with a top that falls anywhere on the spectrum from a white tee to a black hoodie, depending on the mood of your day.</p></div></div>