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Women • Green • Backpack

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<div><div><h4>WOMEN’S GREEN BACKPACKS</h4><p>It’s always a good time to go green. Whether it’s in focusing on sustainable materials or simply putting more green into your wardrobe, they are all great places to start. Pack up your gear in a backpack perfect for exploring a new city or going to class or work. With an abundance of zip-up compartments, women’s green backpacks keep you organized with everything going on. No matter how much you’re carrying, padded, adjustable straps help take the load off the shoulders. Make a statement in the streets with green trefoil backpacks that help take any outfit to the next level.</p><p><strong>WOMEN’S GREEN GYM BAGS</strong></p><p>Green gym bags make for an easy and functional accessory for any workout session. Whether you’re leaving your bag on the sidelines of the field, packing lots of equipment, or rushing from session to work and beyond, adidas green bags are adaptable, durable and efficient. Deep shades of seaweed, emerald and ivy are resistant to dirt and grime, while bright spearmint and neon green make fun pops as a statement piece.</p></div></div>