Women's Cycling Pants


This is what you want from the right pair of women’s cycling trousers

The modern woman is a woman on the move, balancing different areas of her life. For this reason, adidas designed women's cycling pants to be a stylish, functional and convenient addition to your sporting wardrobe. Features like ankle snaps, durable water-repellent fabrics, reflective details and front zip pockets allow you to keep your mind on the tasks ahead, knowing you are safe and comfortable on your bike.

Trousers for women that traverse terrains

The women's cycling trousers range by adidas covers the requirements. Whether you are making your daily commute, hitting a road route or heading to spin class, the right pair of trousers has already been expertly designed for your biking needs. Our trousers for women incorporate stretchy, breathable fabrics that are durable, while design elements that focus on safety and comfort make it easy to pick the perfect pair of pants. Slim-fit designs, with zip pockets in both the front and the back of the trousers, allow you to carry your items close to your body, with the freedom of movement needed to focus on your cycle.

Comfort and care go hand in hand

Making sure your cycling pants are well looked after won't be a heavy chore if you follow the recommended guidelines. Firstly, make sure you are using mild detergents only. There is no need for additional fabric softeners when machine washing your adidas cycling trousers for women. You also don't need to tumble dry or iron these trousers; simply hanging them out to be air-dried will do the trick. Hitting the early-morning road routes can result in mud. There is no need to worry about it, simply turn the trousers inside out and throw them into your washing machine on a cold delicate cycle, to ensure the waterproofing technology stays intact.