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Women's Sports & Workout Bras

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It’s important to find the right sports bra for you. It needs to fit your shape. Move with your body. Support you in the best way possible. And the support level you need depends on the type of workout you’re doing. Take a look below to find out what different sports bras do.

Low support sports bras, like the All Me bra, are great for for lower impact workouts, such as yoga, Pilates and barre.

Medium support bras, like the Don’t Rest bra, are great for more intense workouts, such as circuit training, hiking and spin classes. High support bras, like the Stronger For It bra, are great for high impact workouts, such as running, mountain biking, cross-training and soccer.

Another sports bra feature to keep in mind is how the back is cut:

Racer back sports bras have shoulder straps that create a Y-shape at the back. They provide good support for medium to high-impact activities, but are typically not adjustable, so it’s important to size the bra correctly.

Criss-cross sports bras give a good level of support and often have adjustable straps.

Strappy sports bras are similar to tank tops and are comfortable to wear during low impact activities.

At adidas.com, every sports bra is designed to support your needs as an athlete. We hope these tips will be useful while buying your next sports bra online with adidas.com.


Don't let an uncomfortable sports bra take your focus off your workout. Quickly find the right sports bra for you with step-by-step instructions and videos that guide you through the process of making sure you're wearing the right size and getting the right amount of support for your sport.


Determine if a light-support sports bra is what you need and discover what to look for in your next bra through pictures and videos that will help you find the light-support bra that best fits your body.


Learn whether a medium-support sports bra meets your unique cup size and activity needs through videos and easy-to-understand tips about bras with medium support.


Find answers to your questions about high-support sports bras and figure out if this type of bra will give you the coverage and support your sport requires with our guide to high-support bras.

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