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Women's Black NMD R1 Shoes

Sporty, adventurous and powered by energy-returning adidas Boost cushioning, women's black NMD R1 shoes take you places. Explore adidas to find your fave.

adidas Women's Black NMD R1 Shoes

It's a jungle out there and every second spent indoors is another second wasted. Engineered for intrepid urban explorers, these women's black NMD_R1 shoes have the heart of an adventurer (for those not up to speed, NMD is shorthand for "Nomad"), but their inspiration comes from the track. Using '80s adidas running shoes like the Micropacer, Rising Star and Boston Super as fleet-footed muses, they blend archival details like those distinctive midsole plugs with modern-day technologies such as energy-returning adidas Boost cushioning and lightweight, stretchy uppers.

A huge success story upon their launch in 2015, their journey is still unfolding today. In fact you can bet there's a pair of women's black NMD_R1 shoes in the selection above that are primed to carry you on your next adventure, whether it's a short hop to the gym or a hike to the other side of the city. Pick up a blackout version to stay under the radar, let those 3-Stripes shine in a classic black-and-white style or show off a look that emphasizes those signature midsole plugs. However you roll when you hit the streets, there's sure to be a pair of women's black NMD_R1 shoes that match your style. Browse the page now and find something that works for you.