Wind.RDY Gear


adidas Wind.Rdy Gear

Hardly anyone likes running, cycling, golfing, working out or hanging out when the wind is lashing, impeding your progress, trying to sneak through your clothing to make you feel cold. But the truth is, when you head outside and train in sub-optimal conditions with the wind at your face, you gain strength and important experience that can better prepare you, even when you perform under sunny skies. Suit up in WIND.RDY gear from adidas, and don't let a little breeze blow your training off course. What exactly is adidas WIND.RDY? WIND.RDY is a revolutionary line of adidas apparel designed to help athletes stay comfortable and accomplish their best, despite windy conditions. This highly breathable, lightweight layer is engineered with a unique pattern of perforated holes and densely-knit fabric to protect you from blustery breezes and light rain. Wind-resistant layers also help reduce cold-air intake while allowing hot air to escape, ensuring maximum comfort, despite rapidly-changing conditions. Packed with performance features, you'll find our WIND.RDY tech in slim and loose fits that allow you to move freely and stay focused on the game or activity, and in a range of clothing, including a WIND.RDY jacket, a WIND.RDY hoodie and WIND.RDY pants. No matter what's on your active agenda, WIND.RDY apparel can help you get an edge over Mother Nature's strongest weapon – the wind.

WIND.RDY gear helps tone-down the elements, so you can take them off the table as you train. Wear a WIND.RDY jacket when you're logging your daily miles, and you might grin a little as you step up to the start line in that marathon you've been so diligently training for. Unlike many competitors around you, you'll be ready when you get a face full at gale-force. Pull on a coat made with WIND.RDY fabric, get stepping, and if the wind delays your arrival home until after dark, the reflective details will help you stay seen as you rev up for your final sprint. Once you're back home, you can pack the jacket away for another day in its own pocket. Cyclists battle with strong breezes on practically every ride, and sometimes even on mountain-biking trails. High winds can take mountain bikers off course and into rocky terrain, so they should be avoided. But even barely drafty days call for protection, and that's where a WIND.RDY hoodie will come in handy. Models with a ripstop build, droptail for extra coverage out back and a hoodie that can house your helmet are your best bet. Their pre-shaped sleeves will allow you to strap on elbow pads underneath, just in case. Two-wheel warriors who want to break away from the protection of the peloton and go it on their own against the wind can rig out in WIND.RDY jackets and cycling gilets with breathable mesh backs and grippers that keep their gear from riding up when they make a break for it.

Golfing in the wind can try your patience. You can't beat the wind by hitting the ball harder, as that could put it smack in the center of unpredictable air currents and gnarly crosswinds. But you can stay relaxed as you play in a WIND.RDY hoodie that's lightweight and stretchy enough to let you swing. And with a snap-button close at the neck, you'll easily be able to batten down the hatches of your hood. But if all you want is to stay protected as you stroll, WIND.RDY gear from adidas designers like Stella McCartney and Marimekko will outfit you for the day in stirring style. Zip up a WIND.RDY jacket with bright blocks of color made from lightweight ripstop or polyester plainweave, and it'll be you that blows onlookers away. Brave the elements in WIND.RDY gear from adidas, and block out cold gusts and drizzly rain that dare to try to keep you inside.