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adidas White Top Ten adidas Originals Shoes

From the moment they hit the hardwood, white Top Ten adidas Originals shoes became instant classics. These basketball-style sneakers harken back to a time when high tops meant high performance in pickup games and at-the-buzzer three-pointers everywhere. When they moved to the streets, white Top Ten sneakers still dominated the scene. Every inch of these shoes gives off heritage hip hop freshness and will complete any street-style fan's outfit. The white leather uppers provide the perfect background for perforated colored 3-Stripes and leather details on the heel. Rubber midsoles and outsoles give your feet support on and off the court. Wear them with leggings, joggers, jeans or shorts. Each pair is made to add nostalgia to your vibe as you show off your old-soul creativity. You don't have to sacrifice all-day comfort for next-level style with our collection of white Top Ten adidas Originals footwear.

Whether you lived through the era of high tops and bucket hats or pay homage to vintage streetwear as you walk to the school bus, you can treat your feet to a pair of white Top Ten adidas Originals sneakers in a wide range of colors and sizes. With men's, women's and youth sizes available, you can bring that OG magic to any age and expression. And you can bring that style to your whole day. Top Ten sneakers add extra support with their high top construction and strong midsole support. The leather uppers form to your feet the longer you wear them, giving you a custom feel that gets better with time. With laces that match the upper or provide color contrast, you can keep your look simple and consistent. Or you can mix and match for a style that's completely you. Get a fit for your whole family with white Top Ten adidas Originals shoes.

First introduced in 1979, white Top Ten adidas Originals shoes quickly eclipsed what was standard wear for ballers everywhere. They were created to become an every-player shoe, and adidas released the sneaker through the top 10 players in the NBA at the time. It was a visionary move that not only defined the game but defined the partnership that adidas would have with the game for years to come. adidas was already dominating the courts with shoes like the Superstar and the Campus, but the brand wanted to bring style and functionality into one shoe that would revolutionize basketball forever. It worked, and within a year, Top Ten sneakers were ubiquitous in basketball, from the pros all the way to the parks. As dynasties formed in places like Chicago and Boston and LA, white Top Ten adidas Originals became a basketball shoe dynasty that knew no bounds.

What started on the courts quickly came to the streets and became staple footwear in cities and towns everywhere. Rising with the birth of early hip hop, white Top Ten adidas Originals shoes were just as prominent in the clubs as they were on the courts. They captured an ethos, a culture that has transcended time and returned with a freshness only adidas delivers with consistency. Now, over five decades after the Top Tens were released, you can still stay fresh hitting the town with them on. The white leather uppers are the perfect base for true expression, whether you're bringing old soul to a new look or freshening up your standard vibe. Bold metallic accents along with classic vibrant colors add layers to your creativity. Each pair is a chance to show the world you are thriving. Outfit your whole family with white Top Ten adidas Originals shoes today.