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Weightlifting & Squat Shoes

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<div><div><h4>ADIDAS WEIGHTLIFTING & POWERLIFTING SHOES</h4><p>If you are lifting on a regular basis then shoes made for weightlifting are essential. Powerlifters will get stronger when they can lift and swing more. The seriously stable adidas squat shoes have a lightweight lifting-specific design to support your training program. Here's three ways our shoes are engineered for your power.</p><p><strong>GROUND UP ENERGY</strong></p><p>Unlike running shoes that are built with cushion to absorb impact, look for a powerlifting shoe to support all the force your body can produce. The flat outsole design of adidas weightlifting shoes help generate more force from the ground up to pull the bar higher. Then you can drive out of your squat with more force from the floor. Pushing this energy through your body and into that bar. Our strong, but lightweight TPU midsoles are perfect for foothold control. </p><p><strong>RAISED HEEL FOR MOTION & POSTURE </strong></p><p>Test it out and squat deeper when the range of motion around the ankle is increased with a raised heel in your shoes for weightlifting. Squat shoes with a raised heel help support improved posture when you sit into your squat more upright. Define new goals for yourself when you try out our weightlifting shoes with wide platform heel support to help your form. </p><p><strong>BASELINE SUPPORT</strong></p><p>Men’s and women’s weightlifting shoes can help reduce the risk of injury by providing a consistent flat base to land on and push from. Unlike the pads of your feet which can slip or curve, making it easy to get hurt.</p></div></div>