Waterproof · Winter Jackets


Don’t let the rain get in your way with our range of waterproof winter jackets

There’s one thing none of us can control, and that’s the weather. However, you don’t need to let the rain derail your hiking plans or sporting activities. We have a great range of waterproof winter jackets that can help you to achieve your fitness objectives in supreme comfort, no matter whether you’re planning on taking a run or climbing a mountain. We’ve made the most of the latest technologies to ensure the rain stays away from your skin and doesn’t soak into the jacket, leaving you uncomfortable. We have a number of different jackets available in this range, including a large number of Terrex jackets. Our jackets aren’t just seam-sealed, but we’ve ensured you can stay connected despite the weather thanks to the internal zip pocket with a channel for your headphones.

Winter jackets for all personalities and fitness goals

We’ve designed our collection of waterproof winter jackets to ensure you exceed your fitness goals and are able to explore any landscape no matter what the weather does. We’ve also created a selection of jackets that have been carefully crafted with the environment in mind. Simply look for the ‘ocean plastic’ label on our products if you’d like to purchase one of these and help keep our oceans clean by wearing an item made from recycled plastic waste.

Finding the best adidas waterproof jacket for your needs

Search for an adidas waterproof jacket based on the activities you’re going to be involved in and the sort of climate you’ll be tackling. Our 3-in-1 jackets are perfect if you need a year-round option that will see you through a variety of terrains. Thanks to their clever design, you can easily add or remove a layer while you’re out and about, enabling you to adapt to changing conditions.