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Waterproof Running Jackets


With an adidas waterproof running jacket, the elements can’t stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Lightweight and breathable, running rain jackets provide comfortable coverage outdoors.

No matter the weather: adidas waterproof running jackets

Any dedicated runner knows that you can’t let a little thing like the weather get in your way. For this reason, adidas offers the ultimate in waterproof running jackets. With options to suit your tastes, our range of designer waterproof running jackets feature top-quality materials and are designed to safeguard you against the worst rainy day weather. Specialist insulating materials, available in both matt and sheen finishes, utilise cutting edge manufacturing to bring you a waterproof all-weather jacket that is both breathable and comfortable to wear. For the best in waterproof activewear, our waterproof running jackets offer industry-leading protection for your valuables, with insulated and sealed pocket options. These are not only the best all-weather running jackets; our stylish designs also are perfect for casual or work wear, complemented by signature adidas branding and flair. Whether you prefer classic subtlety or striking hues, the range of adidas waterproof running jackets is designed to make an impact. Perfect for any outside activity, the breathable waterproof materials help prevent the perspiration associated with physical activity, giving you the confidence to go all out, no matter the game.

Running, come rain or shine

Runners frequently face the challenge of poor weather conditions. This constraint is particularly prevalent in the UK, where we see more rain than shine. The adidas waterproof running jacket collection offers the solution you need, with cutting edge construction and design focused on keeping you not only dry in a storm but comfortable too. The cleverly engineered layering keeps you dry while offering breathability, decreasing the risk of activity-related perspiration, and mitigating the discomfort of humidity.

Easy, comfortable and effective

Our adidas branded waterproof running jackets are easy to maintain and perfect for any occasion. Regardless of the weather, you will be safeguarded from the cold while enjoying the airy and light feel of the breathable construction. Only the highest quality materials means you benefit from the very best in durability.