Volleyball Knee Pads

Play your shots with confidence in volleyball knee pads from adidas. Soft foam padding absorbs impact every time you hit the deck.

adidas Volleyball Knee Pads

Your game, your way. Volleyball knee pads from adidas help you find your focus so you can perform at your best each and every time you walk onto the court. For any athlete at any level of play, adidas makes volleyball pads that will give you the confidence to make your shots. From the moment the match starts to the final point, you know you're covered for every serve, set or spike. adidas PRIMEKNIT knee pads are made with adidas PRIMEKNIT, a soft, stretchy knit that has a seamless design and a snug, supportive fit. They're padded with contoured memory foam with a gel insert so you can kneel and dive with total commitment.

Our 5-inch kneepads have a low-profile design that won't get in your way, and foam padding that helps you go for every shot without fear. We also make volleyball pads with a longer sleeve height for those looking for high coverage. Sculpted pads fit the contours of your knee for comfortable wear. Flex zones keep you mobile for every dig and roll, while thick padding cushions impacts. Whether it's a Saturday practice or the championship match, the right volleyball pads help you play your best, every point. Shop adidas for volleyball knee pads made for the very top.