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<div><div><h4>VOLLEYBALL PADS AND GEAR</h4><p>There's a 7 ft. high net between teams in volleyball. But that doesn't mean it isn't a contact sport. When the game comes down to the wire and the players start diving, the collisions are with the floor. That's why the pros wear adidas volleyball pads. With 5-in. of shock-absorbing, EVA foam, their knees stay protected in hard hits. These are volleyball pads conform to the shape of your knee and legs to enhance agility. Factor in the Climalite fabric and you'll always be in condition to make flying saves.</p><p><strong>ADIDAS ARCHIVE: VOLLEYBALL</strong></p><p>For years, adidas has been involved in volleyball at the highest levels. In 2000, the Cuban women's team won gold at Sydney in adidas volleyball gear. In 2008, we sponsored the Chinese women's team at the Beijing Games. And, most recently, adidas became the official athletic brand of USA Volleyball. It's the culmination of countless hours of work and dedication. But it won't stop there. Today, adidas is focusing efforts starting at the grassroots level. We offer Creator events and athletic scholarships to continue the rising momentum of the sport. It all leads to a greater synergy between sport and product. Our volleyball pads are just one example of that: elite-level gear that protects your knees from hard impacts with the court.</p></div></div>