Vegan Samba Shoes

A new era for the soccer icon, now made without any use of animal-based materials in adidas vegan Samba shoes. Kick it on and off the court in the same timeless style and the all-day comfort you need.

adidas Vegan Samba Shoes

Back in the day, the Samba was an indoor soccer champ, giving players great traction and touch to excel at the indoor game. adidas vegan Samba shoes bring the same timeless style and sporty energy of the original, but with a modern design that ditches animal-based materials to match your values. Side by side you can hardly tell the difference, so vegan sneaker style never takes a back seat to traditional leather shoes. Vegan Samba footwear represents a focus on the planet as we retool our shoes and sportswear to reduce waste and help lead the way toward a future where everybody's got a spot on the roster.

Made without any use of animal-based materials, vegan Samba footwear stands for a new era in sneaker culture. The comfort is as good as it's ever been, and the style can't miss, whether you're making touch passes on the turf or simply showing off your good sneaker sense. The materials are what's different, and for folks who like to wear their values, that makes all the difference in the world. adidas is doing its part to help reduce the footprint of the products we make, and vegan Samba sneakers are a big step in the right direction. Shop adidas today to find the best selection of animal product-free vegan Samba shoes.