Ultraboost Clima



Run like the wind in the hottest of weather. When it comes to long runs in triple-digit temperatures, the Ultraboost Clima has no equal. Wear them and neither will you. This variant comes re-engineered with Clima tech, resulting in breathable running shoes that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. The same sublime, energy-returning cushioning Boost midsole is now allied to a new, open-weave upper made of moisture-wicking fibers. They’ll actively work to evaporate any sweat as soon as it appears, leaving you cool, dry, and in a prime position to set PR.


Energy is more than mere fuel, it’s the creative power to imagine a better you. In 2013, we launched the technology that changed running forever. Comprised of thousands of energy capsules, Boost defined a new era of cushioning. Unprecedented, the Ultraboost became the first running shoe to deliver energy return with every step. The more energy you give, the more energy Boost brings to your life. Today, you can find it teamed up with moisture-wicking fabrics in the Ultraboost Clima versions.


In the early 2000s, development of performance fabric technologies at adidas was rapidly evolving. Born of that era was the Clima range. Moisture-wicking and fast-drying, it allowed athletes to push further, dig deeper, and stay cool in every condition. Today, adidas Clima technology has transcended performance wear to appear across the adidas product line, from soccer jerseys to breathable running shoes, giving comfort and cooling to everyone, whether on or off the field.