adidas Ultraboost 20 Running Shoes

Experience our most responsive form of cushioning and agility with Ultraboost 20 running shoes.


Just when you’re thinking about turning back, find your second wind with adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes. These super-tough shoes are designed to support you on every mile of your run, providing an unparalleled level of comfort in the process.

Woven with Primeknit, Ultraboost 20 running shoes are designed to conform to your foot like a sock and adapt to the changing shape of your feet as you pound the pavement. When the temperature rises, Primeknit aerodynamic air channels will keep your feet cool no matter how many miles you’ve put in. The rubber outsole helps you find your stride, gripping wet and slick roads with ease. To top it all off, responsive cushioning technology in every Ultraboost 20 running shoe returns energy to your stride for a smooth and comfortable run.

Collaborations with iconic artist Pharrel Williams and designer Stella McCartney bring out that one-of-a-kind look that turns heads when you’re putting in the miles.

It’s never too early to get your kids into running. Find a pair of adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes for your children and infants as well.

No matter where your run takes you, adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes bring the technology that makes the run effortless as well as the style that makes your feet flash for every single mile you put in.