Water-Resistant Ultraboost Shoes

Wet weather? Bring it on. Our water-resistant Ultraboost shoes can handle a storm cloud or two, so you stay focused on rainy-day runs through the city.

adidas Water Resistant Ultraboost Shoes

Runners aren't afraid of a few grey clouds. Wet days on the trail and cool days in the city are great times to train when you're wearing water-resistant Ultraboost shoes. They're packed with all of the features that make the Ultraboost a favorite among casual and serious runners alike, such as a supportive adidas PRIMEKNIT upper that adapts to your foot shape and an adidas Boost midsole that offers incredible energy return with every step. Equipped for stormy skies, adidas water-resistant shoes also feature technologies that range from RAIN.RDY to COLD.RDY to GORE-TEX and Continental™ WinterGrip™ Rubber.

Choose a pair of water-resistant Ultraboost sneakers with GORE-TEX to stay dry while powering through puddles and heavy rain. adidas technologies such as RAIN.RDY form a waterproof barrier against the elements, so you stay focused through wet-weather racing or training. And if it's cold outside on top of being wet, opt for a pair of running shoes with COLD.RDY to keep your feet warm and dry. Continental™ WinterGrip™ Rubber acts like winter tires on snowy pavement, giving you great grip through wet and cold conditions. And because the rainy months often come with low-light conditions, many of our water-resistant running shoes are detailed with reflective accents that shine bright from dusk to dawn. Check out our water-resistant Ultraboost shoes to stay ready for any forecast.