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Welcome to the vanguard of running technology. adidas Ultra 4D shoes have a 3D-printed midsole that's precisely coded for targeted cushioning and support.

adidas Ultra 4D

Ultraboost meets adidas 4D. Explore our collection of adidas Ultra 4D shoes and experience running like never before. We retooled the iconic Ultraboost with a 3D-printed 4D midsole that cushions and supports every step. When you wear them, you'll feel like you're gliding forward as you run, rather than just pounding the pavement. Discover the best of adidas running technology in adidas Ultra 4D shoes. Alternating denser and more open parts of the unique lattice midsole provide targeted impact absorption and stability through every stride. Your foot rides atop the lattice in a comfy adidas PRIMEKNIT upper that delivers a lightweight and breathable feel.

The 3D-printed lattice midsole gives adidas Ultra 4D running shoes a unique open structure that offers a cool feeling underfoot. Check out the adidas 4DFWD, designed to make running feel easier no matter your level of training or experience. The angled FWD cells in the lattice compress forward on impact, giving you optimal propulsion with every step. If you run mostly for cross-training, look for the 4DFWD Pulse. It combines the forward momentum of an angled lattice with the springy feel of adidas Bounce cushioning to help make your training runs more enjoyable. adidas Ultra 4D sneakers come with a high-traction outsole to keep you secure on your feet. Explore our collection of adidas Ultra 4D shoes, and take your running to a new level.