Welcome to the vanguard of running technology. adidas Ultra 4D shoes have a 3D-printed midsole that's precisely coded for targeted cushioning and support.

adidas Ultra 4D

With adidas Ultra 4D, you can experience the best of adidas running technology. A retooling of our Ultraboost, these shoes feature a 3D-printed midsole that's precisely coded for targeted cushioning and support, so you can run longer, faster and in comfort.

  1. It's All About the Midsole: Get superior cushioning and stability thanks to a unique lattice midsole that provides targeted impact absorption and stability. The 3D-printed midsole also gives adidas Ultra 4D sneakers a unique open structure for a cool feeling underfoot.
  2. Snug Support: Whether you're on a training run or closing in on a PR, get support with a foot-hugging adidas Primeknit upper. It enhances movement while adding to the sneakers' lightweight, breathable feel.
  3. Grippy Traction: Turn every corner with confidence, even when you're running on slippery surfaces. adidas Ultra 4D shoes are built with a rubber outsole that meets the road for serious grip.
  4. Amp Up the Ultra 4D Experience: Avoid that up-and-down pounding the pavement feeling in a pair of Ultra 4DFWD shoes. They're designed to redirect your energy into forward movement so you have a smooth ride.
  5. Go the Distance in Style: You're going to be wearing these shoes a lot, so find a pair that matches your look. Chose from a variety of colors and patterns, knowing that whichever one you choose, you'll always have the signature 3-Stripes.

Experience the pinnacle of impact absorption and propulsion with adidas Ultra 4D. A combination of the Ultraboost running sneaker and a cutting-edge midsole, these sneakers represent the newest in running technology.