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Trefoil Joggers


Run in comfort with adidas Trefoil joggers

No matter if you’re out training on the tracks, at the gym pushing your personal best, or leading the pack in a race, adidas Trefoil joggers are a great way to enhance your performance. Comfort and quality combine to allow you to focus on the important aspects of the race and not get distracted by clothing. Choose between a wide range of kid and adult sizes and ensure your whole family is decked out in a pair of Trefoil joggers. Drawstrings on an elastic waist provide ultimate comfort while a superior fit ensures they aren’t too tight or too loose.

Details that matter with Trefoil joggers

Stretch your legs and push yourself to the limit with the great range of adidas Trefoil joggers. With back pockets and side pockets you can ensure all your valuables are kept safe when you’re running, ribbed cuffs will make sure your track pants don’t interfere with your movement, and French terry cotton provides a soft smooth feeling on your skin so you can run for miles. Enjoy the enhanced quality of a pair of adidas Trefoil joggers and avoid distractions. Your adidas joggers should last you a long time, but if you care for them properly, they’ll last you even longer. Read the care instructions on the label to see what temperature to wash them at and how to dry them best.