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adidas Originals Trefoil Clothes

The symbol that says it all, exactly how you like it. Shop adidas Originals Trefoil clothes, where you'll find something for everyone, from tees to tote bags.

Show your love for adidas with the Originals Trefoil collection

The addition of the Trefoil has become an important symbol of adidas which, when combined with the classics of the Originals range, results in the ultimate adidas apparel. Choose from a selection of sneakers that includes the most iconic shoes, such as the Gazelle, Superstar and Continental 80 ranges, and when it comes to clothing you are covered from head to toe with pants, tops and jackets. But the Originals Trefoil collection doesn’t stop there, and you’ll also be able to show off your love for your favorite brand through accessories such as socks, hats and backpacks.

Trefoil Originals with superior comfort to match a greater style

This Trefoil Originals selection isn’t only about style as each item aims at providing you with optimal comfort as you go about your day. Apparel built with sweat-wicking fabric will ensure you can stay dry by absorbing the moisture off your skin, while the use of ribbing around socks or around the edges of clothing will give your outfit stability and give you the freedom to move around without worries. The addition of lightweight midsoles, such as EVA, will give your foot protection from sudden movements without adding unnecessary weight around your feet, while the use of durable rubber outsoles will give you the confidence to take every step without hesitation.

Add fashion to practicality through details

When looking for your perfect Originals Trefoil outfit, start by picking a style that matches your personality, whether you prefer a classic, simple color or a bit of pattern to add some fun to your day. But don’t forget to look at the details of each item to ensure it is the right one for you. You will love pants equipped with an elastic cord around the waist for controlled stability, while adidas bags with multiple pockets will let you divide your items so you can reach for them quickly when needed.