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Trefoil Jacket


Find the perfect Trefoil jacket for any occasion

Keep warm and protect yourself from the elements with the trendy range of Trefoil jackets by adidas. With options for both children and adults, you can deck your whole family out with winter protection. Whether it’s a light windbreaker you need or a thicker jacket for when the temperature drops, adidas has you covered. Lightweight material makes some of the range perfect for those autumnal days, while thicker insulated materials protect you when winter arrives. Water-resistant and wind-repellent materials keep you warm throughout the day, leaving you to do your thing.

Be a trend setter with a Trefoil jacket

Be the person your friends look up to when it comes to fashion choices. An adidas Trefoil jacket not only keeps you warm and protects you from the weather, but they are designed to be trendy and hip. Choose between a subtle crest logo or a more flamboyant Trefoil graphic and find a hoodie to suit your style. Whether you are out for a walk with your family, playing sport in the rain or embracing a summer shower, adidas Trefoil jackets will ensure you stay warm and dry throughout.

Quality down to the finest of details

It's no secret that adidas is known for its high-performing technologies and durable materials, but we also put a lot of effort into details. Adjustable cuffs and hems ensure comfort can be personalized by the wearer, full zips ensure you can ventilate your body as you please, while a high collar and storm flap protect your face from the harsh cold wind. Look after your Trefoil jacket and it’ll look after you in return. Read the label on each product for the care instructions to see whether to wash the jackets in a cold or warm temperature and how best to dry each item.