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Training Shirts

A good workout starts with a good gym shirt. Training t-shirts are designed for every level of activity. You’ll stay cool and comfortable no matter how you choose to move.

adidas Workout T-Shirts

A lightweight training t-shirt is a must for any closet. They are the perfect choice for intense workout sessions, active rest days and times when you just want to relax. You can count on flexible fit and breathable fabric. Depending on your needs, you can look for adidas fitness t-shirts made with moisture-wicking AEROREADY technology to help you keep cool and dry so that you can stay focused. In some workout t-shirts, we’ve used Primegreen high-performance recycled materials to uphold our commitment to reduce plastic waste. Shop adidas for gym t-shirts.

Training Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

Some people like workout shirts to be short to keep air flowing across their skin during hard training. Some like the shirts to be cropped to show off the abs they worked hard to strengthen. A short, slim-fitting shirt also stays out of the way of equipment and is easy to layer. Tops for the gym don’t have to be short, though. If you prefer more coverage or have a long torso, look for clothes made in tall sizes.
Cotton t-shirts have some advantages and disadvantages at the gym. Cotton is breathable, which makes it good for a light workout or everyday wear. But it also absorbs moisture, so a cotton workout shirt can quickly feel heavy and soggy and even chafe your skin. Polyester workout shirts are lightweight. They wick moisture away from your skin instead of holding sweat close. Another fabric you might see used in training tops is spandex, or elastane, which is often blended with other materials because it adds stretch and is great for range of motion.
For workouts and training, a t-shirt should fit close enough to the body so you can move easily, but not so tight that the sleeves get in the way of your movements. Workout shirts are often cut closer to the body than tees made for casual wear so they don’t billow out as you move or get caught in equipment.